Annual Women Rights Organization Convention


About the organizer

The Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust-CRAWN Trust is a change catalyst providing African women and girls with the tools, voice and platforms through which they can effect change at individual, family, community, regional, national and continental levels in economic, social and political spheres.

CRAWN Trust’s objective is to contribute to the building of a just and democratic society, founded on an informed and empowered citizenry who are drivers of transformative change.

Our vision is to have vibrant communities where women and men are valued and have equal access to opportunities. We acknowledge the importance of both men and women without discrimination; and champion for the respect of citizens’ rights and shared spaces. We are also cognizant of the fact that women have for the longest time faced historical marginalization through systems and practices that encourage the entrenchment of patriarchal structures in society. Our work is centered on advocacy and awareness for gender parity.

CRAWN Trust is the coordinator of the National Women Steering Committee (NWSC) which is a consortium made up of over 100 Non-governmental organizations, CBO’s, FBO’s and individuals spread across the 47 counties that advocate and promote women advancement in the political, social and economic sphere. The key mandate of the NWSC is political and economic emancipation of Kenyan women.

CRAWN Trust is a principal partner in the Women’s Voice and Leadership-WVL Program which aims to contribute to gender equality and the increased enjoyment of human rights by women and girls in Kenya. The project is funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) is being delivered in Kenya by CARE Canada, CARE Kenya, CRAWN Trust, Uraia Trust, The Centre for Rights Education (CREAW) and the Urgent Action Fund (UAF- Africa). CRAWN Trust is leading in the networking and alliance building pillar. The goal of the program is to support the capacity and activities of local and national women’s organizations and movements seeking to empower women and girls, advance the protection of women’s and girls’ rights, and achieve gender equality with the ultimate outcome being the “increased enjoyment of human rights by women and girls and the enjoyment of gender equality in Kenya”.

Under the auspices of the WVL Program, CRAWN Trust is seeking the partnership of FEMNET to carry out an annual women’s rights convention which aims to bring together women leaders from civil society, women in leadership within the legislatures at both national and county levels, women leaders in business and the corporate sector and teaching sector among others for a national discussion on the sate of women’s rights in Kenya.

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