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  1. Brief on the Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust-CRAWN TRUST

 The Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust-CRAWN Trust is a non-profit multi-disciplinary organization that specializes in advocacy, civic awareness, training, research, consulting and sustainable development approaches. CRAWN Trust is a change catalyst providing Kenyan communities and specifically women and girls with the tools, voice and platforms through which they can effect change at individual, family, community and national levels in the economic, social and political spheres.

CRAWN’s vision is a democratic society, founded on informed people, thereby promoting peaceful and cohesive coexistence that respects diversities where citizens enjoy their full human rights and where justice for all is upheld.

CRAWN Trust is seeking to recruit a qualified firm/consultant to conduct a gender analysis under the Women’s Voice and Leadership Program.

  1. Introduction, background and Women’s Voice and Leadership Project Profile

The Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) Kenya Program is a project funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) is being delivered by CARE Canada, CARE Kenya, CRAWN Trust, Uraia Trust, The Centre for Rights Education (CREAW) and the Urgent Action Fund (UAF- Africa).

The goal of the program is to support the capacity and activities of local and national women’s organizations and movements seeking to empower women and girls, advance the protection of women’s and girls’ rights, and achieve gender equality with the ultimate outcome being the “increased enjoyment of human rights by women and girls and the enjoyment of gender equality in Kenya”.

  1. WVL project Objectives

Outcomes include:

  • Improved management and sustainability of local women’s rights organizations (WRO’s).
  • Enhanced performance of WRO’s programming and advocacy to advance gender equality and empower women and girls.
  • Increased effectiveness of national and sub-national women’s rights platforms, networks and alliances to affect policy, legal and social change.

The Purpose of the Gender Analysis Consultancy

 Gender inequality remains a serious issue in Kenya that continues to hold back women, girls and their communities. Barriers such as lack of access to opportunities, exclusion, lack of meaningful participation, retrogressive culture, a non- enabling environment among other issues all manifest themselves in the social, economic and political contexts in our communities.

The purpose of the gender analysis is to provide an understanding of the current interactions and implications between gender and the social, economic and political realities in the country and providing disaggregated statistics and findings. The gender analysis is also expected to consolidate some of the issues raised by Women Rights Organisations (WROs) and networks under the Women Voices and Leadership project. The undertaking of this gender analysis shall lead to the development of gender briefs that shall be disseminated to be used by WRO’s and other networks to support in their programming and implementation of their work around policy and advocacy work; and in mainstreaming the voices of women for the enjoyment of their human rights and gender equality.

  1. Objectives:

The gender analysis seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Understanding the gendered interactions within the current social, economic and political context at hand leading to disaggregated findings.
  2. Consolidation of women’s voices as raised by WROs and networks under the Women’s Voice and Leadership project.
  3. Development of gender briefs.

5.Expected Outputs and Deliverables

All deliverables must be completed within ten (10) days

  • An inception report clearly detailing the parameters considered and the methodology of addressing them and a work plan detailing time frame for various activities.
  • A draft gender analysis report of the preliminary findings for discussion.Final reports with client input.
  • Develop a gender brief
  1. Consultancy Timeline

 The consultancy will cover a maximum period of ten days inclusive of deliverables and closing out of the consultancy.

  1. Qualifications requirements / Desired Expertise

The consultant/consultancy firm should possess the following desired knowledge and expertise:

  • Vast knowledge in undertaking research, baselines, gender analysis, policy advocacy practice.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experiences in policy analysis/ gender analysis, research development or any other experience related to the assignment.
  • Experience in gender development and statistical packages desired.
  • Aptitude to handle competing priorities with multiple audiences desired.
  1. Expression of Interest

Firms, teams, or Consultant(s) meeting the requirements should submit an Expression of Interest (5 pages maximum excluding annexures), which should include the following:

A capability statement, including commitment for availability for the entire assignment.

  • A clear methodology including, a timeline and a work plan/Gantt chart.
  • An explanation of roles of the different consultants (if relevant).
  • A detailed financial proposal, including the consultant(s)’ fees and relevant taxes.

Annexes should include:

  • Updated curriculum vitae of the consultant(s) who will undertake the work. Where more than one consultant will be involved, clearly indicate the roles of each consultant.
  • Contact information of 2 organizations that have recently and preferably in the last 3 years contracted the firm/consultant(s) to carry out a similar assignment.
  • At least one sample of previous works.
  1. Submissions
  • Please send a soft copy of your Expression of Interest by 14th April 2021 Close of Business COB to
  • Only the selected firms/consultants will be contacted.

Women consultants, women owned and managed firms or consortiums are strongly encouraged

To apply for this job email your details to

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