Crawn Trust

"Impacting lives, transforming communities!"


The Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust-CRAWN Trust is a non-profit organisation registered as a Trust Corporation. CRAWN Trust was established with the aim of impacting lives and transforming communities by promoting citizen’s awareness on their rights and responsibilities and working with them towards eliminating gender-based discrimination in the social, political and economic spheres. CRAWN Trust’s objective is to contribute to the building of a just and democratic society, founded on an informed and empowered citizenry who are drivers of transformative change.

CRAWN Trust seeks to identify and prequalify consultants, suppliers and service providers for the period 2023-2025. CRAWN Trust hereby invites interested parties to bid for provision of the various goods and services highlighted in this document. Qualified consultants, firms and companies are invited to bid for the different engagements by submitting their expression of interest- EOI in one zipped folder before or on 23 March 2023 in response to the terms of reference- TORs listed in this document.

1. All bids and proposals will be assessed by a procurement committee against set criteria, including bid eligibility, the extent to which the requirements have been met and the overall value for money proposition.
2. Any attempt by the applicant to influence the procurement committee during the process of examining, clarifying, evaluating and comparing tenders will lead to the rejection of their offers and may result in the termination of a current contract where applicable.

3.Successful applicants will be expected to enter into a formal agreement with CRAWN Trust.
Whereas each successful applicant is intended to be a provider, CRAWN Trust at its sole discretion, reserves the right to determine when and if to enter into an agreement with the applicant and whether to enter into agreements with other suppliers, for the same type of services at any time.