Crawn Trust

"Impacting lives, transforming communities!"

Strategies and Objectives

Strategy 1: Research and Documentation

The objective of the Research and Documentation strategy is to collect data that will inform evidence based interventions for CRAWN Trust work.

 Strategy 2: Policy and Advocacy

The objective of the Policy and Advocacy strategy is to build the capacity of communities to hold state and non-state actors accountable for the delivery, protection, and respect of all human rights in Kenya.

Strategy 3: Leadership and Governance

The objective of the Leadership and Governance strategy is to transform leadership and Governance in Kenya through values instillation.

Strategy 4: Information, Education, and Communication

The objective of the IEC strategy is to provide men, women, PWDs, and other minority groups with the skills and knowledge to demand and access equity, justice, inclusivity, and fairness from duty bearers.

 Strategy 5: Institutional competence and sustainability

The objective of the institutional competence and sustainability strategy is to build the proficiency of CRAWN Trust to fulfill her Mission.

Strategy 6: Networking and Alliance building

The objective of the Networking and Alliance Building strategy is to build a critical mass of human rights defenders who will strengthen our discourse and amplify the voices of communities for democratic change.

Strategy 7: Socio-economic empowerment

The objective of the socio-economic empowerment strategy is to equip women, girls and other marginalized groups with information, skills and capacity to harness opportunities for the attainment of socio-economic rights and economic emancipation