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As Crawn trust, we are committed to give women tools and platforms that will enable them take up leadership positions. As observed in previous government, the 2/3 gender rule was not adhered to despite women rights organizations and civic societies lobbying for its implementation . Apart from that the civic society organization have been following on the implementation of electoral laws that seek to create a fair and balanced election. 

Professor Karuti kanyinga and Tom Mboya of University of Nairobi did a survey on the campaign expenditure for the year 2017. The findings were that women spend more than their male counterparts in all elective positions apart from the senatorial seat. However only 18% of the women who contested were elected. The elections finance bill sought to control the expenditure during Kenya’s election period but failed to do so in 2017 with the high court suspending the implementation of the act and in 2022, the bill has been met with much opposition with most members of parliament arguing that their dealings are and should be kept private. 

One of CRAWN Trust’s programs is Governance and Leadership and through this program we have worked with several leaders and aspirants. In  light of this, CRAWN Trust has come up with an innovative way to  promote the visibility  and voice of women  candidates  seeking leadership positions. In a digital age, endless opportunities present themselves on how we can support women seeking elective seats. One of these opportunities is online crowd funding. With the creation of a website integrated with online payment options, anyone in the world is able to contribute towards a noble cause that seeks to emancipate women. 

Present in the site are women who have expressed interest and confidence in CRAWN Trust’s ability to deliver on its mandate. The platform offers women visibility to the voter and support from anyone in the country and beyond. Before committing to any donation, the user can interact with the candidate’s profile and view their manifestos.   

The site is easy to navigate with tabs for each elective position. Included in the site are women seeking Member of Parliament positions, women representative positions and members of county assembly. Each of this candidates have their manifestos attached to their profiles tailored to their elective areas.  

The site has a very easy to navigate user interface. As a user, you only need to view the profile of the candidate you wish to support, click on donate and key in the amount.  Candidates are to log in, view the activity on their profiles that is; number of profile visits and donations analysis. The site also offers anyone the chance to register as a candidate and have their profile on the site ones reviewed by the CRAWN Trust team. 

We as CRAWN Trust want to lead a movement focused on the emancipation of women. We want to see women in leadership positions. We want to see people living with disability in leadership positions. We want to see the young people in leadership positions. 

Join us as we vote for women 

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