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Annual women's rights convention 2022

The Annual Women rights convention will this year take place on 25 November 2022 under the auspices of the women voices and leadership project and green champions for change. The theme of this year’s event is Women in action: Leading climate change adaptation, greening kenya.

The convention will provide a platform for  women leaders from civil society, women in political leadership within the legislatures at both national, Nairobi, and its metropolis counties and other key stakeholders to discuss climate change and the post-COP27 resolutions. The convening also aims to create awareness on the intersectionality between gender and climate change.

Climate change is a glaring reality globally with it’s impacts claiming lives, weakening economic and immune systems while all marginalizing certain groups further. The impacts of climate change need to be address from an informed gender perspective since the realities differ with different genders. The impacts of climate change on women are systemic inequalities as well as individual and cultural distinctions based on social and economic status, ethnicity, and ability.

Findings from a baseline survey carried out by CRAWN Trust on Gender and Climate Change Vulnerability showed that deforestation and other factors have contributed to unpredictable weather conditions that have seen prevalent droughts and floods in Kenya which have devastating consequences on the environment, society, and the wider economy. It puts both urban and rural infrastructures at risk, especially for poor the vulnerable groups which include women.

Women’s voices continue to be marginalised despite them being the most adversely affected by the harsh effects of climate change which amplifies social, political, and economic pressures. Women, children and the elderly are more susceptible to all types of gender-based violence as a result of the conflict. They are also less likely to access relief or any assistance due to the long-standing inequalities increasing their vulnerabilities. The health of women is also endangered by climate change by limiting access to basic nutrition, services and healthcare as well as increasing the risks related to maternal and child health.

As a result, it is essential that the solutions to the climate crisis acknowledge these various realities and make sure that every action taken includes solutions that address the underlying causes and consequences of climate change—not as a single issue but in recognition of the full spectrum of the numerous challenges that communities in Nairobi city and some counties in Kenya face.

The conference will have panel discussion on key thematic areas namely:

  • Gendered impacts of climate change
  • Water and Sanitation Policies (Sex for water)
  • Women’s Voices in Climate Justice and Gender Justice ( Testimonials)
  • Climate change and the importance of Food sovereignty
  • COP 27 Kenya’s Commitments and international partnerships

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