Crawn Trust

"Impacting lives, transforming communities!"

What We Do

Leadership & Governance

The objective of the Leadership and Governance strategy is to transform leadership and governance in Kenya through values instillation, women’s full participation, gender equity and contribute to birthing leaders who lead with skill and integrity. To build the confidence of women for self-agency, advocacy and pursuit of leadership at every level of engagement

Social-Economic empowerment

The objective of the socio-economic empowerment strategy is to equip women, girls and other marginalised groups with information, skills and capacity to harness opportunities for the attainment of socio-economic rights and economic emancipation

Networking and alliance building

The objective of the Networking and Alliance Building strategy is to build a movement of women equipped with the necessary skills and competence to work in harmony to defend their rights, execute their responsibilities and strengthen our discourse and participation in the social, political and economic spheres while amplifying the voices of women within

Institutional Competence and sustainability

The objective of the institutional competence and sustainability strategy is to build the proficiency of CRAWN Trust to fulfill her mission.

Information, Education, and Communication

The objective of the IEC strategy is to provide men, women, PWDs, and other marginalised groups with the skills and knowledge to demand