Crawn Trust

"Impacting lives, transforming communities!"


Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust, CRAWN Trust, is a non-profit organization registered in May 2010, as a Trust Corporation. CRAWN Trust was established with the aim of promoting citizen’s rights from a gender perspective in leadership, governance, socio-economic, and development processes. CRAWN Trust recognizes that gender equity is a prerequisite to achieving long term sustainable development goals. CRAWN Trust recognizes that gender inequalities are a cause and consequence of exclusion and poverty in Kenya. CRAWN Trust envisions a society where men and women have equal opportunities in leadership and socio-economic spheres which will encourage shared space for both genders in development processes. 

CRAWN is a change catalyst that specializes in Awareness creation, Capacity Building, Advocacy, Research, Networking and Alliance building, Leadership Development, civic education, Socio-economic empowerment, Consulting and Sustainable development. CRAWN Trust works with different stakeholders to advance the women’s agenda. CRAWN Trust’s operating environment is constantly changing and is characterized by an evolving policy and political environment, shifting donor commitments, growing stakeholder numbers and expectations, evolving staffing structure and capacity, amongst other factors. It is therefore important that the organization reflects on its past and think through the best and most efficient way to capitalize on the emerging realities while also providing clarity for the organization and its stakeholders. 

This strategic plan seeks to create a new impetus for women’s and other marginalized groups’ inclusion as highlighted in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. It takes cognizance of past efforts by the women’s movement to secure their inclusion, empowerment and advancement in all sectors of development. CRAWN seeks to be informed by best practices and lessons learnt from previous engagements to address present gaps arising from past marginalization and exclusion of women.