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Information,Education and Communication

The objective of the IEC strategy is to provide men, women, PWDs, and other marginalised groups with the skills and knowledge to demand for accountability and access equity, justice, inclusivity, and fairness from duty bearers while also making their valuable contributions. Under this pillar, we also engage in research to inform advocacy efforts.

CRAWN Trust believes in developing wholesome and comprehensive social strategies that uplift the lives of women; ensure they are equitably and adequately represented in leadership and decision-making. These include:

  1. Raising awareness on systemic gender-based discrimination and structural barriers hindering women’s advancement in economic activities, development, decision-making, and leadership.
  2. Facilitate radical policy transformations that are sensitive to the needs of women by advocating for gender sensitive plans and policies, gender responsive budgeting and implementation.
  3. Strengthening the capacities of women entrepreneurs through community-level awareness raising and policy advocacy.

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