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Crawn Trust is Emancipating Women and Creating Linkages Through The Annual Women's Economic Forum

Members of Pokot Women Empowerment Organisation joined Linda Katiba Counties People’s Assemblies that was organised countrywide in a series of Counties on culminating National Katiba Day Convention. This was to reflect and evaluate the implementation and performance of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 in the at least 11 years.

Linda Katiba is a wanjiku movement which aims in protecting the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and defend constitutional democracy dividends. The Movement brings together Kenyans from all walks of life as individuals and entities.

The county katiba peoples’ assembly fora is a great felicitous for the people of Kenya to share experiences, harness lessons, and examine good practices in the last 11 years since the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

The County Katiba Peoples’ Assembly Fora provided a platform for dialogue among key different stakeholders with like minded representatives of political parties, elected leaders, opinion leaders’ farmers, trade unionists’ civil servants, civil society organizations, academia, sectoral representatives and special interest groups. The participants benefited on the idea since CKPAs interrogates the role and importance that The Constitution of Kenya 2010 has played a crucial role in enhanced livelihoods of local communities for the last 11 years. Participants also shared their experiences, lessons, stories and discussed some the key indelible features of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.