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Governor’s Gender Roundtable- Kericho County


The Constitution

The Kenya Constitutions sets solid foundation for the Gender Agenda in Kenya.  The Cardinal principle of the sovereign power of the people of Kenya is anchored in Article 1(1) of CoK 2010, Representation Article 27, Article 100, Participation and Public Finance Management Act. Further, our advocacy work is informed by The Affirmative Action principle and Devolution (Articles 174 and 175), especially 174 (b) – (h) and 175 (b) and (c) and Article 204 of CoK and the Equalization Fund as an AA provision.

The approach and methodology

The NWSC adopts people centred development approach, based on the Rights of the people to ensure inclusive, participatory and hence proponents of development from below model, and not centralised planning to ensure the development agenda is derived by the citizens and therefore reinforces the public/citizen participation in all governance processes. We focus on Gender responsive governance process to give women, youth and people with Disability opportunities.

 Reflect method

In the Governors Gender Round Table we will adopt and apply the “Reflect Approach”. Reflect is an approach to learning and social change. Key to the Reflect approach is creating a space where people feel comfortable to meet and discuss issues relevant to them and their lives. Reflect aims to improve the meaningful participation of people in decisions that affect their lives, through strengthening their ability to communicate. It utilizes simple participatory methodologies to understand their issues in the community better and define the change they would like to see in terms of basic service provision e.g. education, health, water etc

The Issues

The NWSC addresses issues related to Governance, Human rights including Women leadership, Economic empowerment, GBV and Peace among others. We advocate for responsive policy change.

The launch, Participation and representation at the Launch

The Launch of the Governors Gender Round Table (GGRT) was held on 11th November 2015 at Kericho Teachers training grounds in Kericho County, graced by H.E. Prof. P. Chepkwony, The Governor of Kericho and Chair of the Governors Gender Committee. It brought together over 1, 700 participants. It brought together elected leaders, County Government Officials, Civil Society Organizations, Citizens Men, women, Youth, people with disability and Business community.


The meeting was also attended by The National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC), Development partners including Action Aid International (Kenya), CIDA, Council of Governors

Former Meru governor (2013-2017) Peter Munya and Wilfred Lichuma former chairperson of the National Gender And Equality Commission at the Meru GGRT
Kericho Governor, A participant and the CRAWN Trust ED/NWSC Coordinator during the Kericho GGRT
Kericho Governor during the Kericho GGRT