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The National Women’s Steering Committee (NWSC) is a consortium of over 50 organizations, networks and affiliate groups spread across all 47 counties committed to addressing women’s concerns and advocating for gender equity and equality in the political, economic and social sphere. The NWSC brings the organizations from the county to national level together onto a platform united to bring voice, value and strength to our work in governance, empowerment and development. The NWSC platform is hosted by CRAWN Trust (Chair & Convener) & Caucus for women’s leadership (CWL) as co-convener and is guided by an Advisory Committee representing thematic working groups. The Vision of the NWSC is a Kenya whose institutional structures and processes protects, promotes and secures the rights and opportunities of women and communities. The Mission of NWSC is to build a strong, sustainable and vibrant women’s movement that advocates and promotes women’s equality and human rights.

Over the years the NWSC has worked towards building a unified voice on issues of critical concern to women and communities while also advocating for policy and legislative frameworks that promote gender equity and women’s advancement. Some of the key achievements include but are not limited to securing and safeguarding women’s gains in the Constitution of Kenya 2010, promoting women’s participation in leadership and decision making, advocacy and implementation strategies for the establishment of gender responsive budgeting tools and programming around women’s economic and political empowerment. The NWSC has established a good and successful working relationship with the Council of Governors and this collaboration in creating quarterly Governor’s Gender Round-Tables will further strengthen the relationship.