Crawn Trust

"Impacting lives, transforming communities!"


This project has an in-built mechanism for ensuring sustainability. The project aims at establishing platforms and structures that are county level owned by the local communities and duty bearers in the Counties. The project will build the capacity of the network members on advocacy which will equip members with skills to effectively push their agenda. The participatory approach will be used throughout the implementation of the project; this ensures ownership of the project by primary beneficiaries. The approach also empowers participants with knowledge and skill which enables them to manage their affairs with very little outside interventions. The project activities have been designed to engage various groups of people; Women, youth, persons with disability and county leadership with representation from different geographical coverage which ensures inclusivity and ownership. CRAWN- TRUST will provide back-up support to the GGRTs Committees, who are themselves members of the communities, so that they are able to work with the beneficiaries to strengthen them and help them become sustainable at the end of the project