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  • Registration of participants (ushers, clerks) by Sub-county, officials

With over fifteen clerks and numerous ushers, the registration process was well organized. Each Sub-county had a separate desk; separate registration desks were set up for officials and other invited guests. Upon registration, each participant was given assortment of IEC materials, meal cards and a soft drink of their choice.

The venue had several tents for registration, guest sitting, and separate meals for guests and other participants.

Given the anticipated wet weather the tents were the ideal arrangement

  • IEC materials and program

National Women Steering Committee jointly and in collaboration with The Governors developed Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials. The Materials included, high quality branded T-Shirts, scuffs, banners, Programs, among others that was distributed to every participant.

  • Activistas and their role and Media

All media houses were invited to the launch to ensure coverage and highlighting of key issues and messages from the inaugural launch of the Governors Gender Round Table (GGRT). The role of Activistas was to use social media and other intranet and internet platforms to share messages from the site of the launch and create visibility, create awareness and amplify the voices of women on key gender agenda.

  • Red Cross

The Red Cross provided Ambulance Vehicles with seven (7) Paramedics on standby in case of any emergency.

  • The Venue

The venue of the Launch was the football playground for Kericho Teachers Training College. The ground could comfortably accommodate the anticipated two thousand (2,000) guests.

  • Security

All County and National command were present headed by Abdi Mukhtar and Mrs. Rose  who is the County Police Commander and private security for the College patrolled and strategically ensured the venue was secure.


The launch was attended with over 1,700 participants. This was a great success. The Meeting was a mixed open public forum comprising of elected, nominated political, administrative leaders and general public. The launch was attended by youth, women, and people with disability, civil society groups, media, and business community and development partners.

Disaggregated data by sex: Female

  • Total number of participants
  • Cadre and calibre of participants
  1. Governors
  2. Political support
  • County officials (MCAs, Police, Executive, administration, etc)