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The “Women Arise for Equality” project contributed towards the expansion of the democratic space, inclusive governance and an equal sustained political participation of women.

CRAWN Trusts interventions under this project have been towards  contributing to the outcomes and indicators stated below;

Civil society and donors are more aware of gendered challenges, and support strategies around operating space for women’s rights organizations and defenders

  • Percentage of women’s organizations reporting collaborations with local authorities and other stakeholders
  • Number of supported organizations playing a leading role in relevant local or national networks/coalitions/alliances.
  • Number of joint actions by women rights organizations, women movements, networks and alliances.
  • Stronger collaboration among women’s rights groups and other social justice groups.
  • Emergence of new movements, networks and alliances collective action.

More women from diverse groups participate in policy and decision-making processes at all levels, including in contexts of conflict/peace-building

  • Number of women and girls who are actively participating in public and political spaces at different levels.
  • Evidence of diversification of leadership opportunities for women.

Duty-bearers strengthen and implement laws and policies regarding African women’s political rights and participation

  • Inclusion of CSO recommendations in policy and budgetary decisions/proposals/reviews.
  • Increase engagement among target population to advocate for girls and women’s civic participation and political leadership (e.g., traditional and religious leaders, celebrities, men, boys, service providers, general public, etc.)
  • Maintenance and/or improvement in laws and policies around women’s political rights and part