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Women in Leadership Programme


The Community Advocacy and Awareness (CRAWN) Trust is a change catalyst providing African women and girls with the tools, voice and platforms through which they can effect change at individual, family, community, regional, national and continental levels in economic, social and political spheres.

CRAWN Trust is delighted to announce and welcome applications for the Women’s Leadership and Aspirant Preparation Program. The first part of the program is enrollment into the Women and Leadership course which is a 13-week course that is being offered by the European Business University in Luxembourg. The objective of the course is to identify and demonstrate the nature and importance of female leadership as well as discuss leadership development and look at the success and effectiveness of female leaders. The course is designed to equip women leaders in politics and business.

The Women’s Leadership and Aspirant Preparation Program is part of CRAWN Trust’s Women in Leadership Program 2022

under the Leadership and Governance strategy and is a capacity building program for women leaders. The program includes supporting aspirant preparation for the 2022 general elections as well as equipping women in management, business and other leadership positions. Additionally, the program will develop a database of well-equipped women leaders with knowledge and skills for the emergence of transformative women’s leadership founded on leadership as a service underpinned by the national values and principles of governance.




The objective of this course is to identify and demonstrate the nature and importance of female leadership. This course will start with discussions on various leadership theories as well as the leadership development, success of female leaders and

what it means when a leader needs to be a good follower. This class will host female guest speakers coming from various leadership backgrounds. The students will explore the character, personal attributes, and behaviours of effective female leaders.


  • To identify and demonstrate your understanding of the nature and importance of female leadership.
  • To identify and discuss the importance of leadership theories.
  • To discuss leadership development, succession of female leaders, why a leader needs to be a good follower.
  • To identify and discuss the pitfalls leaders face, including team dynamics.
  • To understand cross-cultural leadership differences.
  • To explain the need for a leader to serve the role of a coach and a mentor for impacting global change.
  • To discuss exchange-based relationships that reward followers.To acknowledge the importance and characteristics of leadership in small business, entrepreneurship, and governanceTo recognize the effects of charisma on motivating employees

    • Registration fee of 40€ (40 Euros includes the EBU registration fee and CRAWN Trust administration fee)
    • Laptop, computer, iPad or smart phone to access the classes
    • Adequate Data Bundles

    Registration and payment deadline 10th January 2022


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