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The Women’s Economic Forum Conference Report Handover took place on 24th July 2023, organized by the Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust (CRAWN Trust), a non-profit organization working towards empowering African women and girls in various spheres. The conference aimed to foster women’s economic emancipation and their active participation in Kenya’s economic recovery. The Women Voices and Leadership Program funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the University of Nairobi Women’s Economic Empowerment Hub (UON WEE Hub), Akina Mama wa Afrika, and UN Women supported the event. The conference was designed as a multi-stakeholder platform, bringing together various stakeholders from different sectors, including captains of industry, high-ranking government officials, private sector representatives, non-state actors, development partners, thought leaders, women’s rights organizations, media, and academia.


The primary objective of the Women’s Economic Forum Conference Report Handover was to present the findings and recommendations from the Women’s Economic Forum 2023 and initiate a dialogue with policymakers to ensure women’s active contribution to Kenya’s economic recovery. The event aimed to provide critical information to guide government interventions in addressing barriers and enhancing women’s participation and economic contribution.


The conference report handover event featured a half-day meeting with the following agenda items:

  1. Handover of the WEF-K Conference Report: The event commenced with the official handover of the Women’s Economic Forum Conference Report. This comprehensive report documented the discussions, outcomes, and recommendations from the Women’s Economic Forum 2023.
  2. Presentation of Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Priority Agenda: Following the report handover, CRAWN Trust presented the Women’s Economic Empowerment Priority Agenda, which outlined specific action points and recommendations to empower women economically and promote their participation in the country’s economic growth.
  3. AGPO (Access to Government Procurement Opportunities): This session focused on how women can access and benefit from AGPO. It also addressed concerns regarding women’s dwindling renewal of AGPO membership and pending payments to suppliers within the system.
  4. Export Processing Zones (EPZ): Participants discussed the framework of Export Processing Zones and their connection to cottage industries. The session also explored ways for women already engaged in cottage industries to tap into the EPZ platform for growth and expansion.

Outcomes and Impact:

The Women’s Economic Forum Conference Report Handover successfully brought together key stakeholders from diverse sectors to address the challenges faced by women in Kenya and propose solutions to enhance their economic participation. The event emphasized the significance of collaboration among government institutions, civil society, academia, and the private sector to empower women economically and create a more inclusive economy.


The Women’s Economic Forum Conference Report Handover event served as a vital platform for advocating women’s economic empowerment in Kenya. The conference report and the Women’s Economic Empowerment Priority Agenda presented valuable insights and recommendations that will guide policymakers and organizations in formulating targeted interventions. The commitment shown by Hon. Aisha Jumwa Katana, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Public Service, Gender, and Affirmative Action, and other attendees is a promising sign of progress towards a more equitable and prosperous economic landscape for women in Kenya. With continued efforts and partnerships, it is hoped that women’s economic participation will be strengthened, leading to sustainable development and economic growth in the country.