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Nairobi River Clean-Up Event at Kamkunji Park Grounds

Nairobi River, one of Kenya’s vital water bodies, took centre stage during a clean-up event held at Kamukunji Park Grounds. Organized by the Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust (CRAWN Trust) in conjunction with the Kenya Environment Conservation Champions (KECC), the event aimed to restore the cleanliness and ecological balance of the river. The Canadian High Commission, represented by Mr Warren Mucci, also extended its support to such community-based organizations (CBOs) involved in environmental initiatives.

The event witnessed the presence of esteemed government officials and representatives, demonstrating their commitment to the restoration of the Nairobi River. Commissioner Elijah Biamah, representing the Nairobi River Commission, highlighted their primary objective of rejuvenating the river. Additionally, the Assistant County Commissioner, County Administrator Mr Ronald, and the Personal Assistant to the area Member of Parliament, Mohammed Nur, assured their support on the government’s behalf to enhance the river’s cleanliness.

MCA South B, Waithera Chege, emphasized her relentless efforts to ensure a garbage-free Nairobi through the introduction of bills and collaboration with CRAWN Trust to educate women on maintaining a clean environment. Her dedication was recognized and appreciated by the attendees.

During the event, the Chairperson of KECC stressed the importance of maintaining Kamukunji Park as a symbol of Kenya’s natural beauty. The park, once restored, is expected to become one of the most recognized parks in the country. The park’s resources, including the Nairobi River, were highlighted as crucial elements requiring preservation. The park has been divided into various sections, such as a mental health corner, a recreational area for hosting parties, and a wall of fame.

Daisy Amdany, the Executive Director of CRAWN Trust, expressed gratitude to all the supporters of the clean-up initiative. She emphasized the significance of such support in achieving the organization’s goals. Stakeholders generously donated reflectors, gumboots, spades, and brooms to KECC, enabling them to continue their clean-up efforts effectively.

The Nairobi River Clean Up event at Kamukunji Park Grounds served as a reminder of the collective responsibility to preserve and restore the Nairobi River. The collaboration between various organizations, government officials, and community representatives showcased a unified commitment towards environmental conservation and the creation of a cleaner and healthier Nairobi.